I create and coordinate events that bring together diverse elements and disciplines. My work focus on strengthening collaborative networks of multicultural and multidisciplinary works. My mission is to optimise the social and cultural impact of art through quick events, exploring new territories. To me, it is very important that the relationship with the artist is a collaboration of creative potential with a high level of professionalism, generosity and respect for creation.
My work as curator involving the concept of fragility has produced the exhibitions: “Listening Maja” (November 2015) installed at the foyer of the Musiikkitalo Helsinki, I explored the concept using sound art and installation to generate a safe listening environment for kids and adults. This installation audience success generated a second instalment this time at The Visitors 3rd Edition at Suvilahti, Helsinki (May 2016); and “Fragile” (December 2015) Galleria Tila, Helsinki, using the visual art of Eeva Tervala, I made satellite events to enrich the experience and concept exploration, these events consisting in music and performance.