November 16th-22nd 2015
Mannerheimintie 13a, Helsinki

“The power to make us remember who we really are lives in the moments when we feel fragile.”

Fragility deals with feeling fragile. The term is also related to not feeling safe, to the sensation of being unable to be playful.
This sonic exhibition offers a chance to get back to a playful approach to sound and listening. Smooth electronics, fragile elements, a naïve and playful approach to listening, are the grounds for the narrative of the listening room in the form of a children’s home fort —in Finnish: Maja— meant to be enjoyed by children and adults.
The Listening Maja consists of a handmade — as though made by children — ephemeral, cosy and playful listening room of about 10 m2, in which people can listen to a curated selection of audio works, including the work of artists such as Edith Alonso, James Andean, Reyes Oteo, Edu Comelles, Antti Suomalainen, Trevor Wishart, Paola Livorsi ,Mikko Haapoja and Alejandro Montes.
With the Maja, we seek to sit inside in a warm environment where we can feel safe, in freedom, trying to think about nothing, just to hear and enjoy the sounds coming from the loudspeakers.
The Listening Maja will be located at the second floor access to the Helsinki Music Centre’s Black Box, and will run for most of the duration of MuTeFest’15.

On Fragility is a long-term curatorial series by Ana Parra exploring the concept using different points of view, theories, and media.
Today, more than ever, we should talk about fragility, which affects the individual and human relations in today’s consumerist society that demands instant fulfillment of our desires, making it very difficult for deep and enduring feelings to flourish.

MuTeFest is an annual festival of concerts and events highlighting some of the many sides of the artistic work of the Centre for Music & Technology of the Sibelius Academy, University of the Arts Helsinki. MuTeFest’15 offers an exciting programme, including concerts, and exhibition, demos, and artist lectures, covering a broad range from electroacoustic music, to sound art, to pop, rock, and more!

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