“The power to make us remember who we really are lives in the moments
when we feel fragile.”

From the On Fragility curatorial series:

More than ever, today we should talk about fragility that affects the individual being and human relations in today’s consumerist society which requests instant fulfillment of our desires making very difficult for deep and enduring feelings to flourish.

We tend to think on fragility as weakness therefore we run away from our fragilities and fears trying to avoid whatever make us look weaker, unable to fully accept ourselves.

To find out who we really are through our moments of fragility is a illuminating action. To see us under the fragility glass is somehow beautiful as it is expressed as the result of fugacity, the superfluous and vane.

Eeva Tervala’s work has a strong component of unsettling transmutation. To understand that things change and transform constantly is a good lesson for life.

Vulnerability is permanent in her work, the most fascinating period is the long time before the disappearance of the plant, when the plant is redundant and unnecessary and no longer is interesting to anyone.

Ana Parra

During the time of the exhibition there will be two curated events:
– On November 28th at 4pm there will be a solo cello performance by cellist and composer Sergio Castrillón.
– On December 5th at 1pm there will be a performance entitle Love by the performance artist Kemê.
More info about Eeva Tervala´s work: eevatervala.com